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Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated on May 21, 2009. It has been established for 10 years, and after 10 years, it has created a brilliant corporate culture history of Donggang.

One: continuous updating of equipment and rapid increase in production capacity

After the establishment of the company in May 2009, the company resumed oxygen production by the oxygen plant before the end of the year. The 1# blast furnace, the sinter plant and the 2# blast furnace were successively put into normal production. By the end of 2009, Donghua Iron and Steel had been able to produce 90,000 tons of steel billets.

Donghua Iron & Steel started from the assets of the leased bankrupt enterprise, while carrying out the overall maintenance and restoration of production, in order to make the main equipment of the enterprise conform to the national industrial policy, so as to achieve legal survival. The key projects for eliminating backward production capacity and equal replacement have been gradually completed. So far, the company has the following main equipment: two 1580m3 blast furnace, one 1080m3, 680m3, 550m3 blast furnace; one 220m2, 198m2 ring cold belt sintering machine, and two 120m2 flat sintering machines. One 112m2 flat sintering machine, one 352m2 belt sintering machine; one 12m2 shaft furnace; two 120-ton converters, one 150-ton converter, three LF refining furnaces; eight-machine eight-flow billet Two sets of casting machines, one set of ten machine and ten continuous casting machines; one set of 3800m3/h oxygen plant, one set of 30,000m3/h oxygen plant, three sets of 15000m3/h oxygen plant; one set of 100,000m3 blast furnace gas tank; One set of 50,000 m3 and 80,000 m3 converter gas cabinets; two sets of 30 MW high temperature and high pressure gas generator sets; one set of 35 MW gas generator sets, 80 MW ultra-high temperature subcritical generator sets and 80 MW high temperature super high pressure gas generator sets; one 35KV substation 3 110kV substations; one bar production line and two high-speed wire production lines; one ESP headless strip 1580 production line; and one 40000m3/d integrated sewage treatment plant. At the beginning of 2018, the “Energy-saving-ESP” of Donghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was put into construction, and the construction of a new 80,000 m3 converter gas cabinet began. At the same time, the construction of the white ash kiln production line began in September 2018.

Second: build a green factory and take the road of sustainable development.

Donghua Iron & Steel has always been aiming at creating a model-oriented steel enterprise with “energy-saving, high-efficiency, environmental protection and circular economy”, adhering to the environmental protection concept of “resource-saving and environment-friendly” enterprises, facing the urgent situation of environmental pollution control, and the company attaches great importance to it. Environmental protection work, conscientiously implement national and local environmental protection regulations, introduce new environmental protection technologies and new technologies, continuously improve environmental protection hardware facilities, and actively promote clean production management.

The company not only invested in the technologically advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly converter steel slag harmless treatment production line, but also started the construction of the denitration and environmental protection project in the Sintering of No. 1, 2 and No. 3 of the Ironmaking North Plant. Since the beginning of 2015, comprehensive air pollution control has been carried out, and a mechanized closed yard has been invested heavily and effectively used.

In order to further improve the pollution prevention and fine management level of iron and steel enterprises, our company established a deep governance leading group in 2018. Over the years, Donghua Iron & Steel has been taking the opportunity of building a green eco-factory to actively respond to environmental challenges, implement environmental priority strategies, carry out environmental upgrading and transformation, and strive to tap into the unique environmental protection highlights on the basis of achieving ultra-low emissions. The plant greening and human landscape will be further optimized to achieve the overall goal of harmonious integration with the surrounding environment and regional development.

Third: to build a smart new steel enterprise.

In recent years, Donghua Iron and Steel has comprehensively deepened reforms, entered a new stage of transformation and development, and accelerated the research and development and innovation of new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment. In 2016, the company was awarded the title of “Two-in-one integrated management system pilot enterprise”, and was awarded the honorary title of intelligent workshop by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In August 2017, the company's information department participated in the China Integration Conference. The integration of the two, that is, the only way for enterprises to develop new industrialization and intelligence, this opportunity is the driving force for catalyzing the information innovation of enterprises. In order to promote intelligent manufacturing construction, our company has sought a new path for green and intelligent development of the steel industry, signed a cooperation framework agreement with the China Institute of Metals, and established an academician workstation. Donggang will take advantage of the modern technology and innovative thinking of the steel industry to move towards a benign development track of kinetic energy conversion and quality improvement and efficiency, and strive to develop into a modern new-type steel enterprise, and continue to make great strides toward informationization and intelligence.

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