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Love together Donghua&Shuangying


The Spring Breeze was well received, and the golden pigs sang songs. On the afternoon of January 26, 2019, Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. held the 2018 Excellent Staff Award and the 2019 New Year Party in the dining hall of the factory. Mu Changqing, general manager of Win-Win Group, Qi Zhimin, deputy general manager of the group, Li Yong, general manager of Donghua Iron and Steel, Li Hong, deputy general manager of the group, Li Shaocheng, chief engineer of the group, Zhang Lixin, executive vice president of Donghua Iron and Steel, Zhang Chengyong, general manager of Xinjing Special Steel, etc. The heads of various departments of the group, members of the Donghua Iron and Steel leadership team and employee representatives gathered together to share a new chapter of 2019.

The content of the annual meeting was splendid and shocking. It lasted for three and a half hours. The four chapters of the company's promise, the company's feelings, the company's star and the company's dream run through the main line of the annual meeting. During the period, the award ceremony and the lottery were interspersed. The whole annual meeting was full of laughter and laughter, so that the employees felt the joyful atmosphere of the festival in advance.

art show

This is a family feast and a feast of dreaming. All the Donggang people gathered together to dress up Huacai, singing and dancing, and the small partners of various departments brought a variety of different performances, such as super-burning modern dance, beautiful song and dance, good sound of Donggang, Thanks to the versatile Donggang family for presenting such a gorgeous visual feast, thank you!

Awards ceremony

There is no doubt that the road to realizing the dream is not smooth, but fortunately, Donggang has such a group of partners who insist on pursuing their dreams and never failing to speak. During the award ceremony, the company commended and awarded 140 outstanding employees and 16 advanced units (departments). Among the winners, there are unknown production talents, technical talents who dare to innovate, and steel workers who insist on the front line. They have no rhetoric, but they use practical actions to tell us what Donggang spirit is.

Lucky draw

At the annual meeting, the lottery that was interspersed in the program was also a highlight. With the selection of the third prize, the second prize and the first prize, the annual meeting climax continues. This year's annual conference awards gave the audience a soft hand, juicer, hanging machine, suitcase, and more Huawei mobile phones. Everyone was so excited that they all hoped to get this lucky in 2019.

Finished perfectly

The annual meeting ended in joy and laughter. The guests present expressed their expectations for 2019 and thanked each other and thanked each other. In the new year, Donghua Iron & Steel will continue to innovate with vigorous vitality, passion and courage, and with wisdom and perseverance, connected with each other and sincerely, creating the golden age of Donghua Iron and Steel!


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